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– Angela (Local Guide), Wichita, KS

 Showed up fast, were professional and friendly.  Dispatcher was very nice as well. Have used in the past, and will use in the future.  I recommend them to everyone when I find out they need a tow!

– Susan, Overland Park, KS

 It is not an exaggeration to say these folks risked their lives for us. After a car fire, KIDDS Towall rescued us from the side of the highway during a true tornado emergency.  They should have been in a basement somewhere, but instead they rescued us.  We are so grateful to Kidds Towall for helping us at their own risk. They could have simply dropped us off at the dealership, but they took us home instead.  Thank you Michael Kidd and Kidds Towall!!  

– Chandler, Lawrence, KS

 We were stranded at Anschutz Library for an hour because the car wouldn’t start. We jumped the car multiple times and did everything 5 girls knew how to do (so nothing).  THEN WAIT, the tow truck guy Michael literally came and TOUCHED the car and it started!!! MICHAEL IS AN ANGEL!!  He saved the night and I still have time to study for my genetics test! Thank you Michael, we love you.