Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kidd’s help me with the insurance paperwork?

Call or ask the first responder to call Kidd’s Towing. If your vehicle can be repaired, it will be taken to Center Body Kidd’s for an estimate. Sometimes other damage shows up after repairs begin. Not only will we notify you of the situation, we’ll discuss it with your insurance agent or claims representative. Kidd’s never leaves you alone in dealing with the extensive paperwork involved for payment approval. We document what is needed to expedite your claim.

What sort of credentials do your technicians have?

Our employees hold the proper auto body certification including:

  • Refinishing
  • Aluminum repairs
  • Structural correction
  • Wheel alignment
Can I get a concrete number for the cost of repair?

A ballpark figure accompanies the estimate. Damage is often hidden and not discovered until repairs start. The type of car and availability of parts can change a quote. We’ll notify your insurance company immediately to speed up the process of review and approval. Check to see if there is a coupon on our website that provides a discount on auto body services.

Will my car have different shades of paint now?

Modern technology makes it possible to replicate nearly any vehicle color. The manufacturer puts information about the paint on your vehicle. Our computer identifies and matches it to minimize any visual difference after application.

Do you only accept certain makes and models of cars?

Our technicians are certified to work on nearly any make and model of car, from Ford to Ferrari. We’ll cheerfully repair the damage caused in a collision, as long as it can be fixed. It’s important to us that your vehicle looks and acts as good as it did prior to the accident.